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The Best Mold Remediation & Water Damage Solutions in Seattle

Mold Removal Solutions is a leading mold removal company dedicated to providing safe and reliable services to homeowners across the country. We are committed to offering comprehensive remediation services, including inspection and testing, removal, and restoration, to ensure that our clients receive a ...

Our Approach

Our team is made up of skilled professionals who love making our customers happy by giving them good services that work well. We understand the unique challenges of removing mold and are determined to help our clients in the most effective way possible. As a customer-oriented company, we make sure our pricing is ...

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At Mold Removal Solutions, we are committed to excellence and continuously strive to come up with innovative solutions that bring the best results for our customers. We believe that our comprehensive approach, commitment to eco-friendly solutions, and passion for quality service set us apart from other mold ...


Upon inspecting my new home, I discovered some mold present in the crawlspace below. Fortunately, The Mold Removal Solutions promptly dispatched an...  Read more
Jul 22, 2023
Jennifer Jones